Highpointe Builds Vendor Relationship with Aptech

Business is about relationships, and loyalty counts. Cultivating a long-term partnership with a trusted vendor can be a smart strategy in the competitive hospitality industry. Top multi-property management companies find that building on success with a reliable hotel software vendor is a solid foundation for future profitability.

“Highpointe is respected for its use of the most advanced business intelligence (BI) solutions,” says Mark Pate, assistant controller and director of IT for Highpointe Hotel Corporation, headquartered in Gulf Breeze, FL. The company develops and manages Hilton and Marriot properties. “Technology gives our company and clients an edge based on accurate, timely data analysis. It pays to be at the leading edge of system innovation when it increases profitability.”

In 2001 Highpointe selected the Execuvue® business intelligence system from Aptech Computer Systems, Inc. “because it offered better performance management and analysis,” Pate explains. When it was time to upgrade, Highpointe’s trust in Aptech’s ability to deliver the newest BI solution was a given. “Our VP of operations was impressed with the way Aptech worked with us over the past 11 years, and with the new Execuvue cloud-enabled business intelligence system advances,” said Pate. The new BI version uses the Cognos 10 platform to provide state-of-the-art online features. These features include mobile-ready performance reports that may be configured to run automatically on Highpointe’s schedule and be emailed to specific recipients. “Aptech is helping us develop a one-stop online portal where managers will be able to access all the data they need—financial, labor, guest satisfaction—to make informed business decisions as events unfold,” Pate said.

Vendor trust delivers on expectations

The trust factor delivered an extra advantage to Highpointe. Aptech’s BI system comes with professional customer service and an intimate understanding of how hotel companies operate. “The two days of training we recently had with Aptech’s team at our office strengthened our relationship,” says Pate. “We have similar values, like teamwork and loyalty. This month Aptech is working closely with us to write custom reports specifically for our managers’ iPads.” Vendor hosting ensures that data is secure

Highpointe decided to trust Aptech with data hosting responsibilities as well. “Aptech will host our Execuvue BI system and data at its secure network facility,” explains Pate. “Many of our properties are on the Gulf of Mexico and we learned a valuable lesson about data protection from

Hurricanes Katrina and Ivan. Aptech specializes in hosting large multi-property BI implementations with extensive data requirements. Our operating information will be safer with them off-property.”

Eight years of experience also led Strand Development Company to tap Aptech for system and data hosting. “We started our automation project with Aptech in 2004 when we operated only 28 hotels,” says John Johnson, corporate controller for the Myrtle Beach, SC-based company. Strand built its reputation on profitable management and providing owners with consistent, accurate financial data. “We manage about 65 hotels today and our partnership with Aptech continues to grow with our portfolio.”

Aptech hosting delivers big-database management and security

“Our trust in Aptech’s capabilities is based on many years of providing Strand with BI and accounting systems, financial process refinements, and support,” explains Johnson. Strand also uses Aptech’s Profitvue® and Webvue® enterprise accounting software for hotels. “We turned to Aptech to host our system because of our successful experience. Strand recognizes that technology is changing quickly. Aptech has capabilities that we do not. One is its ability to professionally administer our system’s ongoing upgrades with minimal cost to us. Another is knowing how to securely manage data.”

As Strand grew to 65 properties, the increase in operating data crowded its corporate server capacity. “With Aptech hosting our systems and property information, the increased data responsibility is off Strand’s shoulders and no longer on our server,” Johnson said.

Execuvue automatically delivers reports to customized lists

Strand managers have busy travel schedules and conduct serious business on the move. “Our executives are continually in the field throughout the Southeast,” says Johnson. “Execuvue lets our team access their hotels’ information remotely from any tablet or mobile device so they can always base their decisions on current information.”

Execuvue also provides increased flexibility. “The BI upgrade gives us the capability to automatically schedule performance reports,” says Johnson. “Right now, we devote an employee to this task. With the new Execuvue version, we can schedule a spectrum of reports to run automatically and have them distributed via email or mobile device.”

‘Aptech does it right’

Property management companies are discovering that the latest technology and long-term loyalty are a good fit. “A comprehensive BI system provider with multi-property functionality, third-party system interfaces and data gathering capability, and a professional staff is a valuable partner,” concludes Highpointe’s Pate. “Aptech does it right.”

Aptech Computer Systems

Aptech Computer Systems, Inc., is an IBM Software Value Plus partner. Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Aptech leads the hospitality industry in leveraging change by valuing human relationships and applying technology to solve business problems for people. Incorporated in 1970, Aptech is a financial and operations technology solutions and service company whose products include state-of-the-art back office, business intelligence, and enterprise planning products: Profitvue®, Execuvue®, Targetvue, and Webvue®. Over 2,500 properties, including very large chains, multiple-property management companies,