Accounting and Financial Services

Highpointe does all accounting in-house, including payroll. All revenues, receivables, payables, and taxes are calculated and reconciled by our in-house accounting team. If it involves cost, revenue, payments, reconciling accounts, forecasting, tracking, delivery of financial reports or data, we are watching the numbers closely and are analyzing and reporting them in real time.

Not only can we pinpoint the financial status of any property in moments, our investors can review financial statements 24-hours a day, seven days a week, from anywhere in the world via a secure, password-protected web site. Highpointe is also capable of customizing financial statements to fit investors’ needs, and well understand the individual reporting needs of all of our stakeholders.

Rather than breaking up property financials by task, each accountant is assigned full financial responsibility for designated properties. They track all receivable, payables, and even handle payroll, giving a big picture overview of a property’s entire operation. They are then absolutely accountable for each transaction, result, and report. With a complete financial snapshot at their fingertips, our accountants can answer any question you ask about our properties.

Handling payroll in-house lowers costs and keeps our accountants fully informed. Payroll information is instantly relayed to accountants through biometrics, a hand print system employees use to clock in and out. Every hotel manager in the Highpointe group is responsible for meeting financial goals and objectives.

They submit and review daily reports and track those reports against budgeted forecasts. Finally, every hotel is audited yearly. By maintaining a clear, concise, and accurate account of the financial state of each property, investors can be confident they can bank on our numbers.